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Products are covered by a warranty that specifically includes defects or malfunctions resulting from manufacturing only. The warranty period begins from the date of receiving the product, as follows:

- Wooden frame: 5 years

- Mechanism (Recliner): 2 years

- Upholstery material (authentic leather only): 2 years

- Electrical systems and electronic components: 1 year


The warranty does not cover damages arising from regular use contrary to the intended purpose, such as placing heavy objects on the product, storing the product in inappropriate locations, extended periods of non-use, and usage in an improper manner. This includes scratches, tears, stains, and discolorations. Any modifications to the assembly and installation, damages due to incorrect cleaning methods, material deterioration over time, product warping, rusting, termite or insect infestation, and damages caused by natural occurrences are not covered. This applies to products sold in their current condition, showroom items, and items from the Clearance Sale.


In cases where damage occurs, but the company is unable to procure the exact materials or components listed for repair or replacement within the repair timeframe, the company reserves the right to provide materials that have similar properties and standards as replacements.


The company reserves the right to make the decision to proceed with replacement parts and perform repairs without extending the timeframe from the date of initiating the repair process.


This warranty does not cover minor discrepancies that may occur between the product images on the company's website, posters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, or other company media and the actual received products.


The company reserves the right to determine whether the product damage falls within the warranty conditions and regards the company's decision as final.


The company reserves the right to modify the warranty terms and conditions without prior notice.


No refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

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