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  • Due to the nature of leather products being sensitive to moisture, customers must take special care and precautions. Do not place the product near humid areas, windowsills, under air conditioning, under the sun, or other similar places to prevent product damage.

  • It is recommended to use the product regularly and avoid leaving it unused for extended periods. Prolonged periods of non-use may lead to potential damage.

  • Regularly cleaning the sofa is advisable for prolonged usage.

  • You can use cleaning solution to clean the sofa to extend its lifespan.

  • Some types of sofas cannot repel water. If they come into contact with water, get wet, or have water droplets on them, you should clean them immediately.

  • Sofas can withstand general wear and tear marks. They cannot withstand scratches caused by sharp objects or intentional damage.

  • Sofa frames can bear weight as specified only. If used beyond the specified limits, it may result in damage.

  • The weight-bearing area is limited to the sofa's main structure. If used in a manner inconsistent with its intended design, such as sitting on the backrest or arms of the sofa, it may cause damage to the product and harm to the user.

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