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"Diamond Sofa Co., Ltd.," the creator of the website, recognizes the importance of safeguarding personal data within the internet network. Therefore, we have established this Privacy Protection Policy to ensure the protection of the personal data of all users who interact with the website


The company would like to inform all users that all content and information on is the property of the company,, exclusively protected by intellectual property laws. Therefore, if any individual duplicates, counterfeits, replicates, modifies, transmits, grants permission, discloses to the public, distributes, leases, or engages in any actions for commercial or non-approved purposes, deriving benefits from the aforementioned intellectual property, without prior authorization, will take legal actions against the infringing party as stipulated by the law.

Images and colors used on are embellished for advertising purposes. As such, the company reserves the right to return or exchange products in cases where color distortion or screen aberration occurs.

The company reserves the right to not guarantee the accuracy of any data presented on, as there is a possibility of errors in the displayed information. Additionally, the company disclaims any direct or indirect responsibility arising from any contract resulting from errors in data presented on


All personal data provided by users to, whether through disclosure of internet protocol addresses (IP addresses), cookies, additional details (inquiry form), or information used for communication with the company, such as names, addresses, email addresses, product purchase information, transaction-related data, and financial transaction data, will be kept confidential by the company. This data will be used to develop and deliver services that align with your needs, except when providing information to government agencies as required by law, court orders, or law enforcement officers.

We may share your personal information with business partners with whom we collaborate in delivering goods or items, such as Charoenyos Transport Co., Ltd., to ensure accurate and enhanced management of product transportation.


The company collects aggregate data each time users access This includes various forms of "clickstream" data, exit points from the website (such as URLs or domains), site traffic statistics, page views, impressions, operating systems, and browser types.

Furthermore, when users access, the server automatically logs the IP address of the user. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer. Generally, this aggregate data does not identify you individually or link to you for any other purpose. The company may collect, maintain, process, promote, report, sell, disclose, or use any part or all of this aggregate data without revealing personal identification. If the company shares this data with other entities, it will not be traceable back to any specific user and will not be used to contact you. If the company links this aggregate data with your personal information, it will be treated as personal information under this policy.

Your data will be securely stored for the duration of your usage of our services, or until you request its removal. Whether it's personal or public data, it will not be disclosed, exchanged, or sold to any organization, entity, or company, except when you authorize us to use your data or for the purpose of processing orders and product deliveries according to your service requests.

If you wish to amend personal information, you can do so through the website. In the case of wanting to cancel the personal information we retain, please contact us at 080-076-9225.


The company may utilize "cookies" on our website. Cookies are small text files that the web server stores in the user's computer as specified or designated by the user's browser software. Cookies are not designed to read data from the user's computer (except for the cookie's own content). Instead, cookies act as identifiers that the leading website places on your hard drive upon your initial visit. The same server can access the actual content of the cookie data to identify the computer and tailor the site to each user, observe site usage, or even track site behavior based on the information stored on the host server. Thus, cookies serve to identify the user's computer for the website, which can be linked to other related data, including data directly associated with that cookie.

The company employs cookies to facilitate automatic website access and data recording on our site. For example, the company may use cookies to design the site to match your personal preferences or interests, or adjust sales promotion or marketing efforts to suit each customer individually. Furthermore, cookies help the company track and analyze site usage to identify useful or popular elements and dislikes, enabling the company to continually enhance and efficiently update the site.

When you click the "Custom" button, you will see cookie usage options. Please note that if you choose not to accept cookies, the site may not function as effectively or you may not be granted access to the website.

SECURITY has been designed for efficient usability and developed with commercial-grade security measures to safeguard the collection and retention of personal data. This is to prevent data loss, unauthorized use, misappropriation, alteration, or destruction by unauthorized individuals. However, for data security, all users are expected to adhere to the terms and conditions of service. This website strictly governs access to user databases, overseen by the administrators of Access to the database system requires authorization from and is conditional.

Meanwhile, the company reserves the right and is not obliged to be liable for any damages arising from software and/or hardware errors, malicious attacks, electronic data breaches (hacks), data loss, or damage due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes any errors that may occur on the website under any circumstances.


The company reserves the right to provide online purchasing services, including certain types of services such as newsletter subscriptions, exclusively for registered users on the website.

Users must keep their usernames and passwords for accessing services in their personal accounts confidential. Each time the use of services is completed, users should sign out to prevent unauthorized access that could result in harm.

Users agree to provide personal information, such as name, surname, address, etc., as specified by the company, for the proper and complete utilization of various services on the website. Users also agree to keep this information accurate, complete, and up-to-date at all times for the benefit of all users.


  • Infringe upon the legal rights of others.

  • Engage in activities that cause harm to the computer systems of others, including individuals and entities.

  • Engage in criminal activities, acts of disturbance of public order, or actions that cause harm to society.

  • Access any data on the website and/or computer network without authorization from the company.

  • In the event that a user's actions result in damage to the website and/or to any other individual, the user agrees to take full responsibility for any and all damages, as well as the costs incurred for mitigation and compensation for the damages suffered by the affected parties. The company is not obliged to share liability for any aspect.

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